Rebar Locating Prior to Anchoring Distillery Tank on a Suspended Slab – Portland, Oregon

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. (GPRS) was hired to scan a recently poured suspended slab with known existing reinforcement. This slab was designed to support a 750 gallon tank as part of a newly constructed distillery in downtown Portland, Oregon. Due to the anticipated weight of a full tank, it was critical not to damage any of the reinforcement during the anchoring process. GPRS scanned each of the 6 anchor points necessary to secure the tank by using our state of the art 1600 MHz concrete scanning equipment. Using this, we were able to see the full depth of the 12 inch slab to ensure the rebar at the deepest points were being found and marked on the surface to avoid.

Rebar was found at depths ranging from 2 inches to 11 inches in a grid-like pattern. With all the relevant rebar marked out, the contractor was able to proceed with confidence knowing that the anchor points would avoid compromising the structural integrity. GPRS covers all of Oregon offering a wide range of applications for both commercial and residential customers including: Private Utility Location, Underground Storage Tank Location, Void Detection, Reinforcement Layout, Post Tension Cable Locating, and more!

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