City Street Utility Locating After 811 One Call Setup – Portland, OR

GPRS LLC of the Pacific Northwest was called out to provide a utility location scan in a busy city street near downtown Portland. The work was performed overnight in order to fully shut down multiple lanes of the road so that the survey could take place with minimal impact to traffic, and with the greatest level of safety. 811 One Call was set up by GPRS for the project, and they had marked out the utilities on city plans one a previous day. The main reason that we are called after One Call was to verify the accuracy of the city locating, and to find any additional unknown utilities that may have been present and were not on city plans to begin with. GPRS located two additional utilities onsite; a street lighting conduit in the sidewalk, and a communication duct bank that was also running in the sidewalk. The photo below shows a small portion of the scan, and shows gas lines, the street lighting conduit, and the communication duct bank.

The contractor that hired GPRS was planning on removing the sidewalk in order to widen the street in this area, so it was very critical that these previously unidentified utilities were accurately located. Private utility locating services with ground penetrating radar coupled with 811 One Call and city plans insures that utilities are accurately found, and eliminates any unknowns on your project.


The documentation shown above is an example of a simple red line drawing that was provided to the contractor after the marking of utilities on site was completed. GPRS can provide output maps ranging from something similar to that which is shown above, to Google Earth satellite image overlays, AutoCAD drawings, and simple hand sketches in the field. All of these different mapping options are tailored directly to the parameters of the project, and the needs of the client. GPRS is also happy to setup 811 One Call appointments prior to showing up on site, in order to provide a fully inclusive service and make sure nothing is left to chance regarding unknown utilities.

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